Nursing Bra Collection

Although, you can also wear regular bra during your pregnancy or while breastfeeding, but wearing a nursing bra has its own benefits. Custom made to provide a comfortable fit to pregnant or nursing moms, breastfeeding bra is a must when you are feeding your little one. A nursing bra typically has an easy to open clip at the top of the cup to allow better feeding.

As the bust size increases during pregnancy, the right pregnancy bra will provide you the most comfortable fit. We offer an exclusive range of maternity bras to buyers in Singapore & several other areas. Check out our collection and make a purchase today.


Our cotton bras range are all no underwire. It is made of high quality cotton materials. It is very comfortable and absorb perspiration well. It is lightly padded but yet it is thick enough that your nipple won't show through your shirt. 


Moulded bra have a non-crushable cup. It will give a nice shape to your breast. The bra cups are soft to the skin but they are stiff enough to give your breast its needed support.


Underwire Nursing Bras are without a doubt gives the best support. However, you have to be precise about your size, as wearing the wrong bra size might lead to engorgement. It is highly recommended to try the Underwire Nursing Bra before buying. Make appointment here.


Breastfeeding at night is already tiring as it is. Nursing Sleep Bra will help you to have that extra comfort that you need during night feeding. It has no clip, so just pull aside the cup for feeding. It is made of highly elastic cotton, cooling material, and so soft to your skin.


Mothers are made to be multi-tasker! With this hands-free pumping bra, you can do other things while pumping!