Maternity Bra

Like the rest of your body, your breasts also change during pregnancy. We offer a stylish yet reasonably priced range of pregnancy bras designed to comfortably support your breasts during & after pregnancy. Wider straps, soft cloth, and extra hooks will make it easier for you the wear the bra throughout the day and feed the baby.

The different types of Bras we offer :

1. Non-Underwire Nursing Bra
    a. Cotton
    b. Moulded

2. Underwire Nursing Bra 

3. Sleep Nursing Bra
    a. Padded
    b. Non-Padded 

When to buy Nursing Bra? 
It is best to buy your nursing bra when you are in your third trimester. Your breast will keep changing up to the point when you give birth. The cup increments usually ranges from half a cup to three cup sizes! However, if by your second month of pregnancy your currents bras are getting to small, go ahead and buy a new nursing bras. You might want to buy a size bigger to accomodate to the changes. If you are in doubt, feel free to chat with me at 9018 7971 through WhatsApp/ SMS