About Us

EugeneSella started from mid 2012. Eugene is the "financial provider" and Sella is the "runner". We begin our small online business by selling car accessories.

In October 2012, we began importing Kelly Nursing Bras which is well-loved by many nursing mothers. We take pride in our quality product, excellent customer service and prompt delivery. I will make it a point to post out customer's order every day (eventhough in the beginning, we only had 1 order) before 5pm, so that it will be in time for Singpost mail collection. I am sincerely glad that our customers felt our sincerity. From there, our business begin to grow. We served 1000 customers in just 1 short year. We did not do any advertising or whatsoever!

We truly dedicate our success to firstly, our God, and our supportive customers.

In around mid 2013, we began to import more varieties of nursing bras to provide more choices. Up to today, we are still bringing in more items.

Our focus is to bring in all the breastfeeding necessities. Our goal is to be a one-stop Breastfeeding Shop.

Whatever we do, we always remember our purpose in this competitive and fast-changing market, is to "Make Milkin' Easier"!


Happy Breastfeeding!
Just someone who believes strongly in Breastfeeding